Gifts Ideas for photo-geeks

Giving gifts to photo-geeks can be challenging. We can be very picky and we are so opinionated! Here are a few suggestions that might help.

-The Contacts DVD series: The world's greatest photographers reveal the secrets behind their images in this collection of short personal films.
sold at ICP gift shop here.

-There are so many amazing photo books out there that it is impossible to list just a few. If that is what you are seeking, a great place to go is Aperture. Their books are incredible and you cannot go wrong. Check out Sally Mann's new book "Proud Flesh" or "Winter Stories" by Paolo Ventura.

-Nikon just released the first camera that has a projector built into it. The coolpix s1000pj is pretty impressive- it will project the image up to 40". No clue how good this camera actually is quality wise but I am really interested. No way a photo nerd would not love it- about a $400 price tag.

-For photographers looking for something a bit different out of their images- the Lens Baby is awesome! This is a tool you attach on to the front of the camera to add a tilt and shift capability. Instead of having to carry around a large format camera, this is a nice alternative to achieve a similar effect. (though, large formats rock!)

-If you know someone really into digital printing, then Digital Art Supplies is great. Their coated Japanese papers are amazing and beautiful. They have a sample pack that any printer would enjoy. For the more "hands-on" printers, try any of the products from ink-AID. These allow you to coat your own surface so it can be printed on through an ink-jet. Great product, highly recommended!

-Membership or a gift certificate to one of the wonderful not-for-profit photo organizations is a fantastic gift. The place I work and love, the Center for Photography at Woodstock, is one of the many places you can support during the holidays and in exchange offer a photo lover a connection to a community of other photo lovers. Some organizations offer publications, classes, workshops, art, books and other photo related material. International Center for Photography in NYC, The Photographic Resource Center in Boston, EnFoco in NYC, Light Work in Syracuse- are just a few to choose from in the general area.

-Possibly the best gift of all...take your photo-lover and spend the day with them seeing art. If you live in NYC, Chelsea is a great place to walk around and see photography. If you are outside the city there are also so many places to go! Just check out your chamber of commerce site and they should have an "arts" listing which will have all your local galleries and art organizations.

Hope this helps! Happy Holidays!