let the gardening begin...

Happy Spring Everyone!  I am happy that the weather is warmer and the sun is occasionally shining!  It was a long winter for many, and the fresh air and lovely spring smells are a warmly welcomed.  
For those of you who read this blog or for those of you who are new to it - I would like to welcome you back to Carbon Copy: Life as an Artist in Woodstock.  This blog allows me to share and reflect on some of my life experiences in the art world, inside my head, in my kitchen, and in the world at large.  I thank you for coming back and reading my crazy words!!  Please feel free to comment or email me at any time. 

So, I started a garden this year.  It has been the most wonderful addition to my crazy life.  I have loved that so much of my creative energy can be translated into this process.

Starting all these plants from seed has been a great learning experience.  
I am so devoted to nurturing each one and tending to all its needs. 

In return, the plant blossoms and comes to life before my eyes.  It is a complete collaboration. 

The seed and I, working collectively with light and water to create new life.  

It melts my heart.

Then there is the smell.

I had no idea how nice this was going to smell.

Leaves forming and soil moistening is the most rejuvenating scent in the world. 

Everything is from seed.

The seedlings are taking over and I could not be happier.  They respond to my devoted attention with beautiful growth.

We built four raised beds.  Salvaged the wood and had soil delivered.

J helped with the construction.

This garden is an incredible amount of work but it actually brings calm into my life.

The still lifes surrounding the garden and garden tools are constantly grabbing my attention.

After the beds were finished, we put up a large net-like fence to keep the animals out.

If only we had a better guard dog.  This one would show the deer in the front door if he had the chance.

First harvest.  Mom and Grandma were visiting for a birthday celebration and we got to pick lettuces and basil for a salad and chives for biscuits. 

I will update the garden pictures as it grows.  I look forward to documenting this adventure!