notes from the blogosphere

I recently wrote an article for PQ (Photography Quarterly) about the photography blogging community called "notes from the blogosphere". Nymphoto wrote a nice mention of it as well as several other features from that issue on their wonderful blog.
You can see it here.

Nymphoto is a wonderful resource that I read on a regular basis. Nymphoto: A Collective of Women Photographers provides online exhibitions, group shows, collective publications and an open forum for artistic discourse. Nymphoto remains a trusted and innovative resource for women photographers. Got to love it.

Another brief mention of the long awaited PQ #98 was given on jen Bekman's blog Hey, hot shot here.

Hope you are having a nice week!


2010 is going to be a great year....

Ahhh... It is finally here. the 2010 workshop schedule. Check it out on CPW's homepage. Even though I am not running the program anymore I will still endorse it with all my might. Best workshops ever.