oh WiNtEr

image taken in mohonk preserve, ny
So bitterly cold today...
...it is just what you have to deal with when you live in the northeast.
working at CPW and then an evening at home by the fireplace. ahhhh, sounds nice, no?

Keep an eye on my blog tomorrow- I will be bringing back a classic- the sunday local artist ramble. yeeehaaa.

Have a wonderful saturday...I hope you are up to something great and grand.


i really need to visit...

...the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. It has been years since I have made a pilgrimage to the photographic epicenter of the united states- and it is about time. It is a beautiful location and Roger Ballen has a show opening the end of February. Sounds perfect to me.

If you never heard of GE House, this may help. Their mission is:

The George Eastman House, an independent nonprofit museum, is an educational institution that tells the story of photography and motion pictures—media that have changed and continue to change our perception of the world. We:
  1. Collect and preserve objects that are of significance to photography, motion pictures, and the life of George Eastman.
  2. Build information resources to provide the means for both scholarly research and recreational inquiry.
  3. Keep and care for images, literature, and technology to tell the story of photography and the motion picture in history and in culture.
  4. Care for George Eastman’s house, gardens, and archives, maintaining them for public enjoyment and as a memorial to his contribution to our lives and our times.
We do these things to inspire discovery and learning—supporting the education of a regional, national, and international audience.


life with geordi

I realized today, while sick in bed, that I have not shared a picture of our new dog. He was adopted in Newburgh, NY by my boyfriend J just before new years. His name is Geordi (yes, like Lieutenant Commander of the star ship Enterprise) and he is estimated at about 10 years old. He is our big black senior citizen. He is such a wonderful spirit to have around. I love him and highly recommend that if you are thinking of adopting a dog a senior is a great choice!

Back to being sick. Hoping this flu thingy does not last another day. Bla to illness!!!


Say cheeze.....blog highlight

Oh, the photobooth. Documentation at its finest.
Who didn't love the movie Amelie, whose narrative centered around the photobooths of Paris...

Visit Photobooth.net if you share an obsession with the old school version (not Apple's!!!)
Did you know there is an annual photobooth conference? Something you will learn by going to this site.

Happy Friday!

a kids eye-view of the landscape

I was really happy with this spread in the Woodstock Times last week which highlights a project I have been a part of for the last few months. As a collaboration with the Woodstock Land Conservancy and Bill Miles, an artist in the current exhibition at CPW "Landscape Forever" and CPW- we visited 50 6th graders at Woodstock Elementary and talked with them about landscape photography, gave them Canon digital SLRs to shoot with, and curated an on-line and in person exhibition of their work.

To be honest, I am not normally comfortable working with that age group. (It is lame, but true.) But, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this project was simply because of the talented group of students I got to work with. Give them a tool to be expressive and they will not only use it, but will often go beyond your expectations. Great lesson for me. I hope thie kids learned something too.

Check out CPW's Flickr site here to see more student work. (go to on-line exhibitions)


lovely interview

My friend Joetta Maue has been interviewed and featured on the blog Making the Art Seen. Her work is so refreshing, honest and beautiful and I could not be happier to see this wonderful piece on her.

She has a lot going on right now- solo show in MA, group show in Brooklyn and more- so check this interview out to learn where to see her work.


art party time...

Two great exhibitions at CPW. Join us for the opening reception tomorrow, Saturday January 9th, from 5-8pm. There will be an artist talk given by Justine Reyes at roughly 6pm and a panel discussion with all the artists in Landscape Forever at 7pm.

I guarantee good conversation, great art and wonderful peeps.


local exhibition

The beautiful, intriguing and haunting work by Geoff Miller will be on view at the John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY.

We went to graduate school together at UMass and I have always been a big admirer of the complexity of his work.

From Geoff's website:

Geoffrey Owen Miller is a Brooklyn based artist who explores the sociological meanings of iconic imagery. Through various methods of painting he looks for ways to create spaces for the viewer to actively re-insert themselves in the identification of the icon. By complicating the image through various means of controlled and uncontrolled mark-making, the viewer is pushed to consider the context and definition in their search to identify what they are seeing.

The mind seeks to create closure of form by means of context, experience, and learned biases of perception. In the fractured repetition of his imagery we still try to see what we have been conditioned to see, and that is where ones own perceptual filters can emerge. Those subconscious tendencies we color our perception that then shape our culture and institutions.

Dividuals explore the divide between the individual and the group. While Gilles Delueze states with concern that “[i]ndividuals have become ‘dividuals,’ and masses, samples, data, markets, or ‘banks,’” Arthur Koestler sees our whole-ness or part-ness as dependent on the point of view. Instead of the atomistic view of distinct parts, he proposes the concept of a Holon: a unit that is simultaneously a whole and a part.