happy 8th harley

october 13th was my god-daughter Harley's 8th birthday. she lives in vermont, so I could not spend the day with her...which makes me sad. i wanted to share this picture of her from 2003? with a few of her friends. she is most definitely a child beyond her years. she is such a special young girl and i am lucky to know her. i have been compiling a photo album of images I have taken of her over the years- I imagine it will make a nice 16th b-day gift.

she is the first baby born to one of my close friends (who was 19 yo at the time) and the experience was life changing for everyone. First I watched my party-buddy/rock star friend transform into a responsible mother goddess - and then I witnessed a magical little baby grow into a incredible and wildly smart young person. It all blows my mind. Within the reflection of their growth and transformation i have had the chance to see myself in a different way and learn so many things i could not imagine learning otherwise. No doubt- it was a rocky road in between all of the rainbows and fairies- but also a wonderful journey that we are all better for. I am so proud of both Harley and her mom.
lets hear it for all those amazing single moms who never seize to amaze me.

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