pick a state to rest your head on

I love my new pillow from Bananasaurusrex's etsy shop- check it out here. It will be perfect on my couch (once I actually have one).

She uses vintage hankies mixed with contemporary fabrics to create these fabulous pillows. I am waiting for a few more states...New York & Massachusetts specifically.

Lovin the craft world lately. Very motivated to pull out my sewing machine and go stitchin madd.

Thanks again Bananasaurusrex!


maya said...

have you gotten a new sofa? it looks pretty and comfortable, I want to sit on it someday. ^_^

Joetta said...

i have 2 pillows like these. I am not sure if it is the same person. But i got an ohio and mass.
You gonna be in the city anyday soon??