DVD highlight: PBS Craft in America

I started watching a wonderful mini-series PBS made called Craft in America. It is organized like Art21 in that the craft artists are categorized by inspirational topic (ie. Memory, Landscape etc.) The footage is beautiful and the commentary offers a historic overview of the particular craft and the way it has been transformed and modernized by the contemporary craft artists using them.

The handmade revolution is in full swing.
Check out the website here.

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Patti Gibbons said...

HOpe I can find it on Netflix. I do have an xtorrent program on this computer that lets one download and watch such videos. Have never used it.
OH AND BY THE WAY, YOU ROCK. THANK YOU. Just had a few pieces of non gluten cinnamon raisin toast. BLECH.
It doesn't seem to matter WHAT I eat, but am trying to be as non dairy and gluten free as I can be for now. xxxp
ps. word verification for today: graster...... I always find them interesting. lol.