sally mann's proud gaze

Sally Mann's new exhibition at Gagosian Gallery on 980 Madison in NYC is called "Proud Flesh". Sally mentions in her statement that she has had trouble finding work by female artists with their male partners as the subject. How can this be so rare? Looking at the history of photography we see many men exploring their female partner's bodies in thier images but when seeking out the opposite we hit a dead end.

We know women are staring at the male body. We know that their gaze is seeing the light hit their flesh, their bones, their muscle.

I think I have photographed every partner I have ever had. I remember dragging one guy, who I barely knew, into this tiny, miniscule bathroom in a studio apartment I rented- all because the speckles of light were going to look perfect on his back. he did it without complaint and the images were lovely.

Mann's visual language is so strong that these exhibited images actually ooze with emotion,sensuality, mortality and grace. they are loving but they are real.

Aperture has book out a book in conjunction with the show. Also, Gagosian has launched a store next to the gallery. all very exciting.

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Joetta M. said...

cannot wait to see the show... and love your thoughtful post about the def. existing and under represented female gaze.