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Have not been posting much in the last few weeks. Been very busy at work and in my personal life (see my two favorite boys above). Life moves fast and I am trying not too miss too much of it.

The big news is that I am getting ready to leave CPW next month. I have been there for three years and am ready to pursue other professional paths. I am hoping to move on to a full time faculty job and simultaneously pursue my own art with more diligence. I am applying for several positions, but have yet to receive any offers. Fingers crossed that something perfect emerges. If you hear of any positions that might suit me or have any advice about applying for faculty jobs, please contact me.

I love CPW with all my heart and will continue to be a part of its extended family. You will see me at all the major events there- listening to the artist lectures, volunteering, taking a class, using the facilities, or just having some fun with the extraordinary people who work there.

Most certainly not an end of something, but the beginning. So excited to see what the universe throws at me. I will keep you informed!

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