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Devorah Sperber, Transporter: Kirk and Spock Beaming-In, 2007-08, 2 beaded figures hanging in front of mirror panels installed in a corner to create the illusion of 6 figures beaming in, 100,000+ loose beads on mixed medium platform (104 x 72 x 72 inches)

It has been a long hiatus since I posted a local artist ramble. For those who are new to my blog- once a week i will post about an artist affiliated with the upstate new york region. Named after the infamous "midnight rambles" at Levon Helm's house- the blog entry i will include a bit about the artist and my response to the work. I look forward to your feedback and comments.

This week I am highlighting an artist that I wanted to write about for a while. I first saw her work at the Woodstock Byrdcliffe-Guild's gallery where she had an amazing solo exhibition. Looking at her resume I realize she has been around the block and may be familiar to many of you.

Devorah Sperber is based in NYC but has a studio in Woodstock, NY as well. She is part of that awesome school of pop-artists who can change the way we respond to familiar and iconic objects by altering the material used to make them and the context for which we view them.
She uses everyday materials to recreate selected cultural signifiers and transforms them into/ patterns / colors / graphics that are beautiful and mysterious.

Studio View: "After Picasso," 2006, by Devorah Sperber, 5,024 spools of thread, stainless steel ball chain and hanging apparatus, clear acrylic viewing sphere, metal stand (104"-122" h x 100” w x 60”- 72"d)

American culture is nothing less than fantastical and Sperber uses nothing less to examine it.

Devorah has bunch of exhibitions planned. Check out her website here for more images and information.

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Woodstock said...

I have a shower curtain just like the minibus one she has on display - my lighting for it is terrible, still though, it does the job....

Great post - can't wait to see her show!