local exhibition

The beautiful, intriguing and haunting work by Geoff Miller will be on view at the John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY.

We went to graduate school together at UMass and I have always been a big admirer of the complexity of his work.

From Geoff's website:

Geoffrey Owen Miller is a Brooklyn based artist who explores the sociological meanings of iconic imagery. Through various methods of painting he looks for ways to create spaces for the viewer to actively re-insert themselves in the identification of the icon. By complicating the image through various means of controlled and uncontrolled mark-making, the viewer is pushed to consider the context and definition in their search to identify what they are seeing.

The mind seeks to create closure of form by means of context, experience, and learned biases of perception. In the fractured repetition of his imagery we still try to see what we have been conditioned to see, and that is where ones own perceptual filters can emerge. Those subconscious tendencies we color our perception that then shape our culture and institutions.

Dividuals explore the divide between the individual and the group. While Gilles Delueze states with concern that “[i]ndividuals have become ‘dividuals,’ and masses, samples, data, markets, or ‘banks,’” Arthur Koestler sees our whole-ness or part-ness as dependent on the point of view. Instead of the atomistic view of distinct parts, he proposes the concept of a Holon: a unit that is simultaneously a whole and a part.

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