GLASS inspiration

Suspended Artifact, 1995, 29"x24"x7" Blown glass, steel stand, Photo: Rob Vinnedge

William Morris has deeply affected me and he does not even know it. I saw his art at the de Young Museum in San Francisco and I have not stopped thinking about it since. He creates glass work like I have never seen before. These sculptures represent ancient ritualistic forms with primitive emotions and instinct- yet they have such a strong contemporary essence. They are modern artifacts. As the term "rephotography" is used to explain how we can revisit sites originally photographed by another individual in an attempt to create a new viewpoint- I believe that Morris is in the state of "reinventing" artifacts, myth, customs, ritual and pre-societal culture also with the intention of redefining these objects. I cannot get enough of this amazing work.

Trophy Panel-Detail
, 1998, 30"x291"x14", Blown glass, Photo: Rob Vinnedge

Maori Man, 24"x7"x10", Blown glass, steel stand, HA601.13.02
Featured in book Man Adorned published by
Marquand Books, Inc. Seattle, WA, in association with
University of Washington Press, Seattle and London.
Photo: Rob Vinnedge

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