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It is almost starting to feel like I never actually took that trip to California. Only a few days back and yet it feels like I never left. How bizarre.

In any case, today i am going to start highlighting some of the amazing artists coming to CPW this summer to teach weekend workshops. Expect to see this feature on my blog a few times a week for the next month. After that...I will blog about the workshop. How fun! For now, I will promote these events and if you spot anything you are interested in feel free to email me with questions or call CPW at 845-679-9957.

Today I am going to talk about 2 of June's workshops that I think are going to rock!

Craig J. Barber: Experimental Pinhole Photography

May 31-June 1

In this two-day hands-on workshop you will learn to make your own pinhole cameras and depart from the world of hi-tech equipment to one of simplicity and liberation. Due to its infinite depth of field, the pinhole camera has unique abilities to redefine the world, whether working in extreme close up or playing with depth perception. In addition, its slight soft focus creates a dreamlike quality that is capable of rendering expressive images with an ethereal effect. It is also the perfect match for those interested in alternative processes, as you begin with an enlarged negative from the start!

We will begin our weekend with a historical and contemporary overview of pinhole photography that includes a variety of formats you may choose to employ in your own explorations. Each participant will construct a personal camera suited to your individual aesthetic requirements. Daily field trips will include practical demonstrations and working time to learn how to gauge exposure, framing the subject, and how to see with your new camera. You will learn about the usage of single and multiple pinhole cameras including diptychs and triptychs, using both polaroid film and paper negatives, as well as the conversion of existing cameras and/or “found” containers into pinhole cameras. This will be a fun and creatively inspiring workshop with emphasis on photographing and experimentation, geared toward both experienced and inexperienced pinhole photographers!

please bring: a portfolio of 10 prints, small notebook and pencil, watch with second hand or a stop watch / additional materials provided by CPW via your lab fee.
class limit: 12
tuition: $325 / CPW members: $295
ab fee: $60

Learn more about CRAIG J. BARBER here.

Josephine Sacabo: Images of the Psyche: Seeing the Unseen

June 14-15

“Invisible connection is stronger than visible. To arrive at the basic structure of things we must go into their darkness.” – Heraclitus

In this two-day, hands-on workshop you will explore how to photograph things not as you “see” them but rather as you might have “dreamt” them. We dream in images – they are at the most basic level of our true psychic reality. Our dreams are the metaphorical pictures of our individual realities. Through them we can forge a deeper connection between the world and ourselves. By uniting dream and reality, we can make an art that will resonate and in the process learn something about our own spirit. Working from this personal and intuitive place will be the focus of our two days together.

We will begin by talking about a personal dream or imagined images and explore the qualities in them we may want to make into photographs. We will share and review portfolios, and Josephine will show you her latest work dealing with these themes and expressing what was revealed to her after the fact by the images themselves. We will then go out to photograph. Whether you choose to make images of the landscape, models, objects you’ve brought from home, or found items on location… Josephine will be there to help with techniques that can yield the results you envision. After our shoots we will share some of the work made and discuss what is communicated by it to one another. This class is open to all photographers working in any genre with any format.

Participants should bring: things that reappear in your dreams or that haunt you as items to photograph, (a model will also be available), your favorite camera and film/memory cards, a portfolio of 10-20 prints, and found images that compel you.
Class limit: 15
uition: $325 / CPW members: $295
odel fee: $60

learn more about JOSEPHINE SACABO here.

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