blogger-in-residence at art:21

I imagine that most people who are reading art blogs already know about the amazing PBS series art: 21, which celebrates & examines contemporary art. What you may not know is that art: 21 has a fabulous blog too. Check it out here.

The topics discussed here are not limited to the artists who have appeared on the series but expand to many other corners of the art world. They even have a blogger-in-residence! It is currently Merrily Kerr who is an avid art critic and founder of New York Art Tours. As the resident blogger she is writing about her experiences in the NYC art scene. Read the blogs here.

Does anyone know what ever happened to that other great series called The Egg?


Kevin G. said...

Gasp! I remember The Egg! What a cool show that was! Alas, I too have no idea what happened to it. And I was kind of underwhelmed by series 4 of Art:21. It seemed more cliche or less inspired than the previous seasons. I dunno.

Hope you're well, Liz! Unfortunately the poor economy stripped me of my job recently. The art museum essentially has no education department of its own anymore. I miss it terribly and the job market up here is, uh, frightening at best, so I'm living on unemployment (yay!) and finishing up things for grad school. Stiff upper lip and all that.

Take care,

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