inspiration from my dad...

My brother, his girlfriend and I all chipped in and bought my dad a film scanner for the holidays. I know he had a collection of really beautiful slides, but I did not realize how amazing they were. I have included a few in this post because I am so in love with them. These are just the tip of the iceberg and I cannot wait to see what else he has.

These are all pictures taken of my mom, Rosalie. They were all taken in the beginning of their marriage (a few possible before they were married). The ones of her by the beach are on their honeymoon in 1971.

I think they are so elegant and well composed. Aside from my mom being drop dead gorgeous, my dad has a loving & intimate gaze- which makes these so incredible to me.

I hope you like them too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, I bought your piece at the 5 x 7 show at Kleinart-James. It's incredible, I love it! It got scratched and I need to contact you. Please email or call me,

Great American Sculpture Park
845 744 4847

P.A. GIbbons said...

They are beautiful and what a wonderful gift.

Happy New Year. Are you going to the party today? I may see you there.

I am on drugs---finally as I was pretty sick and never got better. I think they are working.

Anonymous said...

Those photos of your mom are so striking! She is beautiful and so are the photographs. Is your dad also a professional photographer? The talent apple did not fall far from the tree in the Unterman family!

I miss you and hope you're doing well....


Joetta said...

oh my gawd your mom was gorgeous and- you look just like her:)