alternative venues for your viewing pleasure

image taken from Slideluck Potshow

Challenge #1: So many artists, so few spaces to show work.
Challenge #2: Such a limited audience go to see art in person
Challenge #3: contemporary work is not always meant to be hung on white walls

Solution: alternative venues.

not such a new concept, but an exciting one none the less.
alt. spaces for exhibiting art has been explored as long as art has been made (non profits to coffee shops to sides of buildings etc...).

as artists, we have so many wonderful organizations accessible to us who are coming up with new and different ways to bring art to the people.

here a just a few examples of the many institutions, organizations, individuals and publications working to create new ways to get work out into the world and expand the

Humble Arts Foundation: is a non-profit organization that is committed to supporting and promoting the work of new art photographers. The New York-based nonprofit serves the international art community by way of exhibition and publishing opportunities, limited-edition print sales, twice–annual artists grants, and various special curatorial projects.

Founded in 2005 by amani olu and Jon Feinstein, Humble has been a pioneering hub for showcasing new fine art photography, and has served as a resource for collectors, galleries, museums, curators, photo editors, and bloggers internationally.

One of the many wonderful exhibitions affiliated with Humble is 31 Women in Photography at Affirmation Arts which is coming up in early March and is co-curated by Charlotte Cotton and Jon Feinstein.

Humble has a very open submission policy - worth checking out.


Slideluck Potshow: a non-profit organization devoted to building and strengthening community around food and art. Aspiring, Undiscovered and very accomplished artists, photojournalists, painters, designers, sculptors, fashion and fine art photographers all show their work alongside one another in a relaxed, egalitarian, and spirited atmosphere. This slideshow format offers emerging artists a unique forum and opportunity to reach new audiences. Past participants include: Elliott Erwitt, Shepard Fairey, Chris Buck, Alec Soth, Martin Schoeller, Elinor Carucci, Alistair Thain, Edward Burtysky, Doug Menuez, and Phil Toledano.

At each Slideluck Potshow event, the slideshow exhibition is preceded by a potluck-style dinner. Attendees bring food and drink, as the evening begins with two hours of dining on the home-cooked delights of the participants, while drinking and mingling. The potluck gives presenting artists and event attendees the opportunity to interact with each other in an informal atmosphere that encourages dialogue about the artwork to be exhibited.

Slideluck Potshow was founded by advertising and editorial photographer, Casey Kelbaugh, in 2000.
You can even find recipes for the potluck here.

Keep an eye out for Slideluck Potshow Woodstock coming July 17th!!!! Submissions will be due mid-June.

Visura Magazine: an on-line, invitation only magazine featuring personal projects selected by the artists. The goal of this magazine is to be true to the artist's voices.

A very passionate group of people run this online publication- and work very hard to keep each issue coming out.

Some artists featured in the latest issue #7 are Larry Fink, Donna Ferrato, Jeff Jacobson and many others.

Every issue includes a "Visura spotlight" which highlights a student or emerging photographer.

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