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Imagine having a locally made farm fresh 5-course meal out in open, fresh air?
That is the mission of the wonderful group of chefs, community activists and foodies involved in the group: Outstanding in the Field.

Their wonderful blog, which can be viewed here, follows their travels and has great photographic documentation of the varied seating arrangements and meals prepared specially for each location.

Yes, I did say travels. Outstanding in the Field is nothing short of a rock band of foodies traveling the country and staging these elaborate local meals at different farms. When you sign up for a dinner (which is not cheap and is priced from $180-$200) you get a 5-course "family-style" meal with wine pairings, all gratuities, and a tour of the farm that the dinner is presented at. And, you cant forget the atmosphere. Included in your dinner is the rare and unique experience of eating out in the open, on the land where it all begins, where the seed is planted and life emerges...
...ahh....so romantic.

It is mentioned on their website that this may not be suitable for people with food allergies.

Keep in mind-the dinners sell out. Their website indicates that sign-up begins on the first day of spring (so cute). If you need more direct info you can view their website here. And guess what kids...they even have a few NYC locations!!! Yumm!

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