wet your plate in 2010

Came across this image yesterday hidden in the deep valley of digital files- it was taken by a CPW student during a weekend Wet Collodion wokshop taught by Michael Mazzeo in 2008. I always come across so tough in pictures- which is funny cause I an as soft as a bunny : )

The exciting news is Michael will be returning to teach in 2010 for a 3-day workshop called Blackening your Fingertips: Wet Plate Collodion! He is incredibly talented and is a great person to learn this unique process from. No question- it is hard work- but when you start making plates on the second day you will be so inspired.

Curious about who else might be teaching this summer? The schedule will be on-line in early March so sign up for CPW's email list to be notified. I promise- it is a killer line-up with new faces and class topics....

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