10 things I loved about California....

10 things I could not get enough of. 10 amazing adventures, places, people or moments during my week in california. no particular order. all of them are equally loved.

1. the Northern California Coast. Breathtaking, meditative and fierce. I will close my eyes and picture this place when I need to find a calming thought.

2. our family. two beautiful people that it could not have been nicer to see. Getting to know one and catching up with another. sarah, our host, brought us to some of the most beautiful places and i could not thank her enough for that.

3. enjoying the not so usual surroundings in Boonville, California. This was such a great town with awesome people. An eclectic mix of just about everything.

4. watching the earth bloom at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens.

5. the great Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. I have never seen so much sea glass in my life! This is a great spot for local artists to collect materials.

6. visiting the vineyards of Anderson Valley- this one is the Navarro Winery and it was soooo delicious.

7. getting to see my friends make new families.

8. the colors of california. they are all over the spectrum and really amazing.

9. The Friedlander exhibition at SFMOMA. Sure, the show came from New York, but it was so much sweeter to see it in San Fran. The MOMA in CA is a much more accessible space. Loved this exhibit and all the others they had!

10. the rest and relaxation time was limited, but when I did get to chill it was in this incredible cozy bed at the Anderson Valley Inn in Philo, California. No TV or telephone here. Just time and space to get a good sleep and enjoy the valley.


lauren said...

You went to Glass beach!!! I have always wanted to go! Colin looks good--what a nice family. I am glad you had fun. I would love to hear all about it! xo

slarkin said...

I am so glad that you had such a good time. It was really great having you and Ben here and showing you a glimpse of our beautiful, blessed, Boonville. Too bad that i was overtaken by sickness at the end. Love You. Sarah