my sunday local artist ramble

all images, copyright Angelika Rinhoffer

So, the opening last night was great. Town was full of people and the weather was stellar! Though, I am dealing with some sinus and head pain today and will keep this post short.

Todays ramble is reserved for one of CPW's summer workshop instructors, Angelika Rinnhofer. She is from Beacon, NY and will be teaching a studio lighting class with us in August.
I think her work- especially her attention to detail- is quite beautiful. Another amazing local artist!

A statement from her website to help better understand her process:

"Oil paintings from the Renaissance and the Baroque were primarily created for patrons of the wealthiest class. Influential clients celebrated their sense of entitlement by commissioning artists to create flattering portraits, still-lives, and religious scenarios with implications of ownership. My photographs, by their very nature, although formally inspired by these traditional oil paintings, transform this intrinsic elitism into a classless, more democratic concept."

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