the art of food

I have made a point this season to buy local produce and to cook a lot of my own food. I have always loved food and enjoyed trying new recipes- but this summer I have taken it to the next level. I do not have a garden at my little woodstock home, but I am a member of a local CSA (community supported agriculture) which provides me with plenty of fruits & veggies and lots of inspiration for new dishes. So every week on my days off I make an effort to bake and cook to the extreme. It has been awesome but also very challenging. I never realized how little attention I have paid to where my food comes from. Typically if I feel like eating tomato- well, I buy tomato, even if it is has been trucked in from thousand of miles away. So, I have been attempting to wait for things to be in harvest in the area, but it is not easy! I have had some help...

I am also lucky because the Woodstock Farm Festival is on wednesdays (one of my off days) so I have been going there regularly. It includes lots of new york state produce, cheeses, dairy, meats and honey and has live music. I highly suggest checking it out.

Another great resource is my friend Lauren Tamraz-Judson's blog. She is from Gardiner, NY and is an incredible person! She talks about her experiences with her garden and homestead. She posts recipes, ideas and great pictures of her harvest. It has become one of my daily reads. Eatlocalfood.org is another valuable resource about regional food, farms and opportunities. They post information about workshops, meetings and events that relate to the education of this topic.


Ross said...


Imay take a ride up today, the weather is too perfect for chores...


P.A. GIbbons said...

I love buying locally and knowing where my food comes from. All I have in my garden now is arugula, and I hope to reseed some other plants as the weather has been perfect for growing (lots of rain). The general American public is so far removed from their food sources. I read somewhere that kids see their meat etc. as coming in plastic wrap and styrofoam..they have no clue about what they are eating and how it gets to the table
(slaughter houses, etc.)

cheers, xxpatti