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what a nice, mellow and interesting workshop weekend here at CPW. Getting Known, Being Shown is taught by our Executive Director Ariel Shanberg and artist and board member Gerald Slota. This class is all about learning how to present your art to the world- may it be your local coffee shop or a well known gallery. Ariel and Gerald cover so much relevant ground- they discuss artist residencies, commercial galleries, non-profit art spaces, museums, art consultants, artist communities, international organizations, websites, blogs, how to present your portfolio, write an artist statement, resume, submissions and an incredible amount of additional info that can make your head explode (in a good way, that is). On Sunday they conduct portfolio reviews to help each student personalize their approach- who to show their work to, how to present themselves, what project to continue on with etc...

For myself and the interns it is a treat to have Ariel & Gerald teaching because they are so conscious of what the students need- which leaves little work for us! They are also a riot. I do not think I laugh out loud that much during any other workshop. They are kind of like the Odd Couple...in the funniest way.

In all seriousness, if this workshop helps people feel more confident in their quest for artistic recognition, than I am a happy camper. Because it often seems like a dark & scary world out there for an emerging artist and I want people to see past all of that and still pursue their passions and dreams. I know that I sound a bit corny, and I accept that about myself. Ultimately the things we are chasing after- galleries, collectors etc., might become obsolete in the future and we should not depend on them alone for support and recognition. This particular group of people can help introduce us to only a very limited world of art viewers (though no doubt an interesting group). There is a lot of world out there that has not been taken over. As artists we can create opportunity for ourselves and do not need someone with an established institution to make it for us (though it can help make the ride an easier one). All I am ultimatly rambling on about is- let us all continue to make art for the love of it and not get too burned out by the game that surrounds it.

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visit my blog and see that I gave you a blog award..and you have to pay it forward. I think you rock Liz! xxpatti