DNA and dealing with illness

I am ending my alternative process artist highlight week with the work of Donna Hamil Talman.

The images featured here come from the body of work "DNA" which deals directly with the genetic inheritance of Lupus, an illness that Donna lives with. I am also dealing with an illness that is categorized as an auto-immune disorder and find a deep connection to these photographs and the exploration of DNA or medical imagery as an aesthetic tool. It takes a lot of guts to share such personal feelings about an illness.

Donna is inspired by the fact that many living creatures have similar, if not almost identical, genetic makeup. This being true, it is amazing to think about how different we all are- how some genes are activated and other are not.

Learn more about Donna and her other work here.

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laurentamrazjudson said...

This work is amazing. I love it. I am going to check out more. I love the idea behind it all.