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I was talking to someone this morning about the work of Nate Larson and decided that he would be a great artist to share with my blog world. I met him at SPE this past year (he organizes the portfolio reviews) and thought he was such an awesome guy.

I am really interested in his recent collaborative project with Marni Shindelman called Witness. Marni and Nate set up a day and time to send a telepathic image to one another. They will take in the image sent to them and create a photograph based on that information. Wild! I love the idea!

Nate Larson, Telepathy, 2004, Pigment Print, 12" x 18", Edition of 6

Much of Nate's work is related to these type of explorations....

this is a statement found on his website:

My photographic work uses visual and textual narrative to explore the way that we construct meaning in contemporary culture through the lenses of religion, consumer behavior, and secular mythologies. My stories weave tales of ordinary days gone peculiar, obsessive methods of analysis and insignificant objects that suddenly take on extraordinary significance. Miraculous pennies arrive in the mail, healing spells transfer through television programming and fortune cookie numbers win the lotto. Through this darkly humorous storytelling I dissect the line between belief and skepticism, while examining ideas of personal truth and common misperceptions surrounding photographic documents.

Check out more of his work here.

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