Green Photography

Riding the wave of all the awesome alternative process talk Christopher James gave this past weekend at CPW, I want to explore some contemporary artists working with unique photographic mediums.

And I have to say that using plant chlorophyll as your photographic emulsion/sensitizer qualifies as just that...

Binh Danh's chlorophyll photographs are not only green : ), they are truly mesmerizing and meaningful. Binh Danh, a Vietnamese-American, uses found images and text from the Vietnam War era as a basis for this work.

NPR did a story about him and his process here.
This is a excerpt from that article which explains a lot,

"From start to finish, his technique is this: Binh Danh begins by picking a leaf -- often from his mother's garden. To keep it from drying out, he fills a small bag with water and ties it to its stem. He places the leaf on a felt-covered board, and puts a negative directly on the leaf (he has an archive of images he's collected from magazines and purchased online). He places glass over the leaf, clips the glass and board together, and puts the assemblage on the patio roof. Binh Danh will check the image periodically to see how it's "baking." The process can last days or weeks. Four out of five times, he's dissatisfied, and throws the leaf away. But when the chlorophyll print is right -- whether precisely rendered or eerily vague -- he takes the leaf, fixes it in resin, and frames it."


Anonymous said...

Wow, I would really like to learn more about this. I remember we talked a while ago and you pointed out that photos did not need to be printed on photo paper. It was such an obvious thing, but it just clicked perfectly and now I see so many opportunities. This work is amazing, and it has given me a side of photo I had never considered. I want to see a show like this!

P.A. GIbbons said...

wow, these are wonderful too! This all makes me want to sell my house, everything, and just make art all the time. The car, I will just keep the car. And the Honda, we can sleep in that. lol xxpatti