double workshop ramble

image by Philip Trager

time is flying by. This was CPW's fourth workshop weekend- crazy! We hosted 2 different classes- Intro to Film Photography was taught by Joan Barker, who was one of my undergraduate professors at SUNY New Paltz & Publishing a Photographic Book which was taught by the incredible artist Philip Trager and his wife Ina. What a jam packed weekend!

I spent most of my time with the Intro class- trying to help out all the ambitious and passionate beginner photographers. The class went really smooth and everyone is walking away with so much information. The students were so much fun! Also, getting the opportunity to observe Joan teach photography again after all these years I have been out of college has helped me to better understand who I have become as a artist and educator. So much of what I once learned from her I have put into practice for the last 5+ years- and have also passed it on to my students at SUNY Ulster. How sweet it is.

While the WPW interns Josephine & Amanda helped out tremendously with the Intro class as well (they rock!), Bree assisted in the Book-making class which she said went really well too. I have to say, having three awesome interns is a blessing.

speaking of blessings...I would like to give thanks to my great partner Ben who let me body slam him with my elbow last night when I was feeling hyper and playful. and i am thankful for 1980's wrestling TV which is where I learned that move.

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