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Craig Barber

My Sunday Local Artist Rambles have been a lot of fun. I have been able to learn alot about the talented local artists here in the Hudson Valley.

Now that workshop season has begun at CPW, I would like to dedicate my sunday blogging to an overview of the weekend workshops. They are all so full of amazing adventures that I cannot help but want to share.

This weekend Woodstock artist Craig Barber has come to CPW to teach Pinhole Photography. The students spent Saturday creating their own pinhole cameras which hold 4x5 backs (which they can use paper negs in as well). They all worked very hard making them...cutting cardboard to precise measurements and taping and gluing meticulously....and they look great!

They will spend 1/2 of today photographing outdoors and the other 1/2 looking at each others work. In addition they will get an overview of digital pinhole (Finney pinhole caps placed on our EOS Canon Digital cameras) and will get to play with that.

Anthony, a rep. from B&H is here with lots of goodies as well. He has Fuji's 4x5 polaroid film to show everyone (just in case we thought polaroid was really the end of instant film) and a Lensbaby which will be fun for the students to experiment with. he also brought a gift certificate for the store, which will we will raffle off at the end of the day.

The new interns, Josephine, Amanda and Bree, are also doing really well. Aside from all the hard work they have been doing they have gotten a chance to participate in the class. They are all awesome and I look forward to spending the upcoming months with them.

Craig is a great teacher and a valuable asset in our community. His over 20 years of experience with pinhole cameras is clear- his knowledge is extensive and he is more than willing to share it with his students. I will now go back to the group to enjoy this weekend further....

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Samuel said...

We are very happy that B&H got a Lensbaby in your hands. If you find that they are good tools for your teaching, we'd be happy to supply you with more. Just ask!


Sam Pardue
Lensbaby, LLC