workshop ramble- just not on sunday

1st Digital Camera

so based on how crazy just the last two weeks have been, it is likely I will not get to post blogs as much as I have hoped to. but i will try the best that i can to ramble about each workshop and make a personal post or two throughout the week. we will see how it goes.

it was wild weekend at CPW. 15 students attended our workshop on "How to get the most out of your Canon Digital SLR" and it was roughly 100 degrees all weekend! I am so glad we have A/C in the building!
This was taught by a Canon photographer named Barbara Ellison. It was a great class for anyone who wants to have control over their image capturing. Since Canon is a sponsor of CPW's Educational Programming, we had lots of cameras for the students to borrow and Barbara also brought a ton of fun gear to loan out. The students got to try new equipment and test to see if they would want to purchase it in the future.
One of the most effective parts of the workshop was that Barbara had anyone who had been shooting their cameras on fully automatic settings, go out and try manual settings so that they can learn about aperture, shutter and film speed and depth of field. You would be surprised how many of the students needed a refresher on this, so I am so glad it was assigned.

Overall it was a busy & hot but fun weekend at the workshops.

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