The Little Yellowbird

my wonderful friend Joetta Maue shared this embroidery piece she made on her blog the other day. She is working tirelessly on her MFA thesis project at UMass Amherst (my alum!) I have to say- I was blown away by this piece. All the work I saw Joetta produce in the 2 years we shared a studio was amazing- and this is no less. Her work expresses a unique and contemporary perspective of the limitations of domesticity coupled with its desirable and beautiful attributes. This image for example- she is caught in a moment- in her head- almost frozen- but...look how inviting the location is (soft bed, gorgous robe...) beautiful & complex:

Joetta gives the unexpected moments in her life center stage. Her life is the art that she produces. It comes from her home, her partner, her friends and everything and one else that surrounds her. It is her diary. Her thesis show is in April/May- I will post the info here at some point.


P.A. GIbbons said...

Is the second piece a painting? It is wonderful, as is the other piece. Oh, and I humbly thank you for the write up you did on me!

I did a few encaustics with a friend. Had a blast. WHEN ARE WE GOING? The next saturday class? I think it is the 16th.

Liz said...

the second piece is a photograph.

I have to call r&f today. i wonder if they have any studio time available on sundays...
but if we wait until feb. 16th i will have time to prepare things.

I will email you later.