Woodstock art happening you should not miss

botanical shadow phenomena.
I may work at the
Center for Photography at Woodstock, but i would go to this exhibit even if I didn't. Opening Saturday (reception 5-7pm with artist talk) is a solo show called Shadows by Jared Handlesman. His work is mysterious and ethereal. He goes out at night with large sheets of coated photographic paper and awaits for a car to pass so its headlights can shine on the paper and expose it. After the car has past, it leaves behind a photogram of the surrounding elements (grass, trees etc.) They are fascinating objects- recordings of a space often perceived from the inside of a car and not from the side of the road in the bushes. A beautiful video accompanies this work.

In the other gallery at CPW is Made in Woodstock IV. This is an exhibition of selected work from the artist in residents from 2005 & 2006. This residency is open to artists of diverse cultures working in the medium of photography and video. It is a wonderful opportunity.

make sure to say hi if you come to see this.

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