Saying goodbye to an old friend

ode to car.
how red you are, my great big car. no need to fear, your end is near. its been a great ride, on the drivers side. we made it out west, cause your the best. we traveled east, hit the road like a beast. you have been my bed, helped me rest my head. we have raged all night, cause we're so tight. then you broke down, overheated like a clown. left me on the side of the road, whining like a toad. the end is here, i am putting you in 5th gear. to the car lot you go, it has surely been a wonderful show.
R.I.P 01/25/2008
the best damn red honda civic that will ever ride this planet.

thanks to larry lewis for taking the last snapshot of me and big red.


P.A. GIbbons said...

Big reds are the best
Here's to the new blue


Jo said...

sadness for the car!!
ps your hair is so long!