My Sunday Local Artist Ramble

welcome to my sunday local artist ramble. This is a great platform to share who I think are some of the great artists from the upstate New York region. This region lives and breathes the arts- with new talent emerging from it and existing talent moving into it.

Charise Isis is an artist living and working in Kingston, NY. Her first photographic project American Stripper was inspired by her experience as an exotic dancer. The photographs highlight the performative nature of the industry- and the beauty, grace and occasional absurdity that surrounds it. The image featured is from her latest project Hudson Valley of the Dolls which uses the same technical expression and intellectual approach to document the drag queen community. In my opinion, Isis calls to the Robert Frank gods in her work- by using movement, grain, uncommon angles- she forces us to really think about what we are looking at, which prevents us from making any immediate judgments. When approaching her projects, I had my opinions about the subject matter- ones that may have existed without proper cause- but I have stepped away from that now. The images do not lie- they have all the deadly sins sitting side by side with all the beauty. Complexity is what life is made of-- and it makes it a damn interesting one.
Isis also does boudoir & pin-up sessions. look for more info about that on her site. She has a show of this work in Woodstock at Galerie BMG it is up until Feb. 18.

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