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it has been a wild few days. lots going on and i got myself sick. so i am lying in bed without the energy to make any substantial posts. here is a very brief update: monday, i started teaching photography at Ulster County Community College. It seems like a great group of students and i am very excited. it is an interesting class- it is technically Photo 1 but they have gotten rid of their darkroom so it is now conducted as a digital class. i really want to find a balance between offering photoshop lessons and teaching them about photo history-composition-camera techniques. anyone who has taught this kind of class- please let me know. would love to hear about other experiences.
on tuesday i went to nyc to attend my first CPW Advisory Board meeting. lots of photo heavy weights there. it was pretty impressive to be in a room with some of new york's art world's finest. overall, good meeting. lots of effective advice.
i cheked out some art while i was down there. Dawoud Bey's show Class Pictures at Aperture Gallery was very impressive.
He is coming to CPW this summer as a workshop instructor. I could not be more excited. The show is beautiful- I suggest checking it out. You will be able to sign up for his workshop in April. I will keep you posted.
I have to get some rest and of course, watch the Lost premiere tonight. I will check back in when I am healthier.


lauren said...

Um, yes...I would like to hear more about your class, as well as see some of Elizabeth's art. I hear she is fabulous, as her blog photo suggests. Thank you!

Kevin G. said...

Hi Liz,
I tried to send you an email, but it kept getting bounced back. I'm going to contact Louise at Lesley on Monday and see what's happening with your application. Sorry about that. From what I hear from other students, getting back to mentors in a timely manner is kind of a perpetual problem for them though.

Nice to hear you're a LOST fan as well! I haven't seen the new episode since we...uhh...don't have cable OR local TV at our house, but someone has taped it for me. Can't wait to see it.

Nice new car, by the way!