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Leslie Brown is a curator at the Photographic Resource Center (PRC) in Boston, MA. Her blog is a great resource for contemporary photography. I found it a few months ago & really appreciate her writings & updates about PRC. Check her out.

Below is an image from the upcoming exhibition at the PRC called "New England Survey" which opens March 27th. The show is inspired by the following poem by Robert Francis:

New England Mind

My mind matches this understated land.

Outdoors the pencilled tree, the wind-carved drift,

Indoors the constant fire, the careful thrift

Are facts that I accept and understand.

I have brought in red berries and green boughs—

Berries of black alder, boughs of pine.

They and the sunlight on them, both are mine.

I need no florist flowers in my house.

Having lived here the years that are my best,

I call it home. I am content to stay.

I have no bird's desire to fly away.

I envy neither north, east, south, nor west.

My outer world and inner make a pair.

But would the two be always of a kind?

Another latitude, another mind?

Or would I be New England anywhere?

Robert Francis

photo by Tanja Alexia Hollander


LKB said...

Thanks Liz! So sweet! I see that you too work at a small non-profit, one of my favs! (I just sent Ariel an email, we all work late.) I said to myself last year: I will start a blog in the new year and a website. I am glad to hear folks read it.

I am very excited for the next show, the work and artists are beautiful. Read more here, http://www.bu.edu/prc/newengland.htm

I often swing through Woodstock and hope to say hi next time. I will add your blog as a link to mine. 'ppreciate it, Leslie

LKB said...

Liz - This is one of my favs blogs of the moment. I love how Colin speaks candidly about the joys and sorrows of getting yout work out there. Great stuff,