Vintage in Print

Newsies, 1906-1918, Lewis Hine for National Child Labor Committee.

The Smithsonian Images website has a great collection of photographs. You can order duplicated prints from their collection, use their image files for lectures, or just look through different images they have posted on this website.

There are several categories of images you can choose from. The photography section has an assortment of nice work but also includes a huge amount of
Muybridge's cyanotypes which are working proofs. The contact prints he made from more than 20,000 negatives he took at the University of Pennsylvania between 1884 and 1886 while photographing human and animal subjects in motion from lateral (parallel), front and rear positions. Since the original negatives no longer exist, the cyanotypes provide us with the opportunity to see the pictures Muybridge achieved before he edited and cropped them for publication.

"Putting the Shot." Series Neg. No. 1533, An. Loc. Serial No. 310

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