It is time for the biennial

William Cordova, The House that Frank Lloyd Wright built 4 Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, 2006 (installation view, Arndt & Partner, Berlin, 2006).

Congrats to William Cordova. His presence in the 2008 Whitney Biennial is well deserved. He came to CPW this past summer as an artist-in-residence and was a pleasure to have around. I really love his work and can't wait to see this.

I have to say, I am excited about a lot of the work featured this year. I was a bit skeptical after my experience in 2006- I did not dislike the show but I left it feeling confused about a lot of things. I consider myself well versed in contemporary art (and of course, have a lot to learn) but I felt uninspired and kind of stupified in 06. Though, here I am, still talking about this experience I had 2 years ago. what does that say? well, for one thing...it might not have been breathtaking but it was clearly not forgetable. maybe it will become one of those things i figure out long after it has passed. ahead of its time perhaps.

The 2008 Biennial opens at the Whitney tomorrow and features some favorites like Spike Lee and Sherrie Levine. Will let you know what I think when i check it out.

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