my sunday local artist ramble

I have not posted anything in a few days. partly because i have been so busy, but also because I felt like I wanted to rethink some of the ways I approach this blog. I mostly see it as a tool to get to know artists in the Hudson Valley (like i have stated so many times) but I find a lot of fulfillment out of journaling about myself and my experiences. I think over all I will continue on in the format I have been blogging but will try to have more text (critique/analysis) of the state of art that I experience (in the valley or outside of it).

The valley saw a lot of rain over the last few days. It was incredible to see so much snow melt in under 24 hours. A sure sign that spring is on the way once again. I spent the rainy day at my friends Dave & Jeanine's house in New Paltz photographing some of Dave's wood projects. He is a very talented artist and I was just happy to see some of the variety of work he has done over the years. (see how I am transitioning into my sunday local artist ramble!) He started as a design artist at F.I.T in New York City and shortly after that moved to the valley (where he is originally from). Like so many talented people I meet in this area, Dave is able to create in a multitude of mediums. Wood has been his prominent artform for the past several years but his skills as a graphic artist/designer are equally developed. I think what I like most about him is that he tends to create functional art that people can enjoy in their homes with (mainly) recycled wood. The box that is featured below was all wood that he found which would otherwise have be dumped. That kind of foresight into a material is invaluable today, especially when we are almost trained to dispose of things (what i like to call the wal-mart effect). That in its self is making a strong statement as an artist/designer, which is what I respect so much about Dave.
I have only posted three of the hundreds of wood projects that Dave has taken on. I highly suggest contacting him if you would like to find out what else he makes or would like to commission a project from him. You can email him at ffttwood@gmail.com.

TOP: Dave made the table, cutting board, & knives. BOTTOM: bathroom cabinet


lauren said...

I love the pieces you chose of Dave's--and your photo. May I be a smart-ass and hope for forgiveness? What is Dave's last name, dahling?

Liz said...

thanks for asking. I thought I included it. Dave Wagner is his full name.