I am back.

this is when i was waiting in my hotel lobby at 4am for my airport shuttle.

Back from Denver. I was hoping to blog everyday that I was at the conference but that did not work out. Too much to do and way too little time. You know I was having a really good time because:
I did not write in the blog
b) I barely slept
c) I could not find the time to leave the hotel

Seriously, there were so many great things it is hard to name them all. below is a picture from the public portfolio walk that took place on Friday night. This was a really great event. People laid out their work and waited for curators, critics, other artists & faculty, and the public to walk around and talk with them about it. It was nice because it was very casual and you were not limited on time. Seemed like a lot of people were enjoying it. Like always, i was trying to lead a schizophrenic existence by walking around and viewing work that might be good for CPW and trying to show my own work when appropriate. I had a really fun time.

will share more about artists I met tomorrow....

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