a drive-by photography collection

Today's events were most definitely made for an artist living and working in woodstock, new york.

One thing i could say without any doubt is that my place of work, CPW, is far from boring. Some of the most extraordinary things occur there. Like this afternoon for example. My co-worker Megan discovered that someone had left a mysterious box by our side door. there was no note, no one rang our doorbell, and it was not addressed to anyone. Believe it or not, this did not seem overly unusual. At first we all thought that maybe a local yocal stashed it there for temporary safe keeping. We had to open it- the suspense was killing all of us.

The mystery box was full, to the rim, of anonymous snapshots. we spent an hour going through it. we figured out it all belonged to a German woman named Ellen who moved to America in the 1990's. this is so damn mysterious.

we found some interesting pictures and I had to take them home to share on the blog. some were just Bizarre (notice capitol B) and we could not get enough. this was a gold mine.

it was curious to see this person's life and experiences piled in a box and left for us. i started to feel some sense of responsibility to figure "it" out.

was there actually anything to figure out?
there was a bigger question haunting me...was this person even alive? was leaving this box of photographs at CPW one of her last wishes on her death bed?

ok. so it is a bit meloncholy that i am assuming she is dead. hell, this could be a fantastic and intentional performance that we got ourselves in the middle of. this is true, of course, in my own head.
all i know at this point- she likes circuses (me too), likes grovery store deli labels (ok, i could like them) and obsesses over repetition (a great sign of creative madness). hmmm....i like her alot already.

what is going to happen next. will there ever be a conclusion. could we become great friends from this? drink strong liquor and talk about german things?

this is just a tiny taste of the box of gems. there is more to come as the mystery unravels (who needs law & order!)

stay tuned tomorrow to see more....

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lauren said...

this is fantastic! you MUST keep us abreast!