Vintage in Print

I think I need a new weekly addition to this blog. My Sunday Local Artist Ramble seems to be well liked (no one has said otherwise...yet) so I am now going to present a vintage document (poster, photograph, advertisement etc.) every Wednesday. Looking through a good archive is one of my favorite things to do...and there are some amazing digital ones out there that anyone can access.

This beautiful poster is from the late 1800's/early 1900's. It was found on the The Princeton Library website, which has a great archive of vintage circus posters. In the past 4 or 5 months I have been obsessed with reading novels about circuses and the lifestyle that surrounds it. I am almost done with Something Wicked this Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. Definitely a classic in terms of circus fiction. I have also read Katherine Dunn's Geek Love (fabulous book!)
I always appreciate more book recommendations in this or similar genre.

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lauren said...

love this! everything always seems cooler when it's an old print--old illustrations, like encyclopedias, science books, etc. are so great. As much as photography is amazing, seeing hand-illustrated work from a time when photo wasn't always an option is wonderful! Yay for the new weekly edition:)