photogram becomes scanogram

Today in class I will be demonstrating scan-o-grams (which are a take on photograms but made on a flat bed scanner instead of in a wet darkroom). Stan Sherer taught this in a class I took with him and I thought it was pretty effective. In honor of the disappearing photogram I have shown the work of Adam Fuss (see above). He makes lots of wild images using just photographic paper and objects (no camera).

I also found some scan-o-grams by a professor I had at SUNY New Paltz named Carmen Lizardo (below). I remember her being pretty awesome and never forgot these pictures that she showed us in her Design class.

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lauren said...

loving these things--I want to make some! How did it go in class with this assignment? I love Carmen--she was such a good professor! Ok, enough sentences with exclamation marks--see you tonight (! :)