what does your workspace look like?

this is where i write my blog, edit some photographs and videos, email, surf the web for hours, pay my bills, get new music, write stuff and many other practical and unpractical things. i have been thinking about it lately- does a workspace inspire us or do we arrive to the space with the inspiration? one of my favorite things is to see where and how other people create. Though this is just my computer and desk, and not necessarily where i make art- it is somewhere i spend a lot of time (more than i would like to admit).

what does your work space look like?

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JC said...


Perhaps it’s a juicy mix.
I snapped a few images of my 5 foot x 10 foot work zone this evening, after merging them into panoramas—melds of the way my office seems when I’m in it… shelving, boxes, gadgets and gizmos stacked from floor to ceiling; blinking lights, books, beachsand and techno hum …it feels as though I’m in a capsule ready to lift off. Even with consistent space-clearing, the piles, icons and inspiration accumulate on their own accord.
With inspiration for a new video or still-image project comes a collection of tiny idols, pages ripped from books & magazines, photocopies from journals, quotes and queries.. and these items themselves propagate to idea and image. Ebb and flow..

Images at: http://jcgray.wordpress.com/