My Sunday Local Artist Ramble

Yes kids...it is sunday and time for the rambin' to begin. i am still deathly sick (its never ending) and in bed but wanted to cheer myself up by sharing with you the work of local artist Lauren Tamraz-Judson. Lauren lives in Gardiner, NY and works as a substitute teacher in New Paltz. She recently earned her Masters degree in creative writing at SUNY Stonybrook. She is an incredibly talented individual who dabbles in just about anything and everything you can imagine. Her dedication to learning traditional craftwork (upholstery, embroidery, refinishing etc...) is contagious. She is always up to something new and I always love hearing about it (see awesome zebra chairs below that she recently re-upholstered). All her artistic ventures have encouraged me to do new crafty things as well.

She has also studied painting and is wonderful at capturing one of her loves, nature, through a contemporary viewpoint. See her blog for more!

Here is one of insightful her poems:

Winter year

I woke up a dozen years older
And when I opened my refrigerator,
Each annual was an egg—

But not in my dress
Not in my looks
Not in my heart
I play the teacher
And cry the teenager
I play the wife
And bleed the daughter
I play the adult
And hear the child

To you it was a cigarette ash
To me it was the forest fire.

photograph by lauren

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