my monday local artist ramble...

I was in NYC over the weekend and did not have the time to blog. So, instead of my weekly Sunday local artist ramble, this week it will have to be a "monday" ramble. this is not too tragic, i hope.

Today I am highlighting the work of the wonderful artist Barbara Ess. Barbara is faculty at Bard College which is across the river in Rhinebeck, NY. Her work has an intense mystical and dream-like quality to it. I just love it.
Aperture published a book of her work called I am not this Body which got a lot of press. It is a wonderful collection of images that I suggest checking out.

Hats off to yet another amazing Hudson Valley artist....


Jo said...

here art is lovely.. I look forward to spending some time researching.
Your aperture link is not working.

Kevin G. said...

Hi Liz,
I've tried sending a few email replies to you but I guess they're not getting through! I hope that you are able to see this before the weekend!

I'd still like to meet with you on Sunday, just give me a time that works for you!!!