a moment in my world

this is a corner in my living room. i love it. the fern i have had since it was a small clipping. The crystal is a fantasy quartz from Brazil. I was at a weekend music festival with my boyfriend ben about 4 years ago... i was not feeling very well...so to cheer me up Ben got this for me. he knew i was eyeing it and had the person selling it lie and tell me that someone else had purchased it. then he surprised me. it was very sweet. i love crystals and have been slowly collecting them for a decade. The print in this corner was made by a NYC artist who I met at the Union Square farmers market. I think it is a perfect little print.

I am very excited because tomorrow I am going to R&F Paints to work in their studio for the day. i am going to go encaustic crazy. i will share the work I make over there in a few days. there is a big snow storm coming. so (fingers crossed) i hope it all works out. up to this point i have been making pieces no larger than 8x10", but I have prepped a larger board to work on. i think it is roughly 20x20". I am looking forward to see what comes of it.

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