my sunday local artist ramble

it is a beautiful winter day in woodstock. snow has fallen which has lightly covered the trees and roads with a dusted layer of fluffy whiteness (see view from my studio window above). it is a perfect upstate day. i cannot wait to go enjoy it.
but first...it is time for the ramblin to begin. the weekly special has been served- it is my sunday local artist ramble.

Today I will be highlighting the artist Fawn Potash. She resides and has her studio in Catskill, NY and teaches at SVA in NYC. Fawn has a very prominent history as an artist and educator in New York and is one of the most knowledable people I know about the area's art scene. The greatest thing is that she is more than willing to share all that she knows- she wants to see everyone around her succeed. what a rare and beatuiful thing- and a true representative of the word community. The truth is, Ican go on and on about Fawn and how wonderful she is. She has become a true mentor to me since I have moved here and has taught me many great things.

Now that I have had to chance to gloat over her...I would like to share her work. Most recently, she has been devoted to creating work that explores the relationship between the natural and the biological. By looking at the patterns inside the body and the patterns within nature she draws attention to the eeringly percise similarities within both shapes and forms. By using a combination of photography, drawing/painting, image transfers and encaustic she discovers this world in a divine and beautiful way.

By experimenting with these different materials, Fawn has really opened a door for photographers who are looking to add dimention and texture to their 2D images.

I have started palying with encaustics because of Fawn's encouragement. She is passionate about photography and commited to experimentation. That combination helps her make amazing art and assist others in doing so. The image above is also a combination of photography, encaustic and other mediums.

I also wanted to share an image from one of Fawn's earlier series "Library". These gelatin silver photographs are incredible. She is many more on her website that you should check out.

cheers to Fawn. Incredible artist and my sunday local artist of the week.


Joetta said...

i love the "library" series, really lovely

Kevin G. said...

Three more cheers for Fawn, for sure!