Vintage in Print

Wednesday is the official day i have set aside to share an internet based archive. I have such a passion for looking through vintage images- and I have now designated an entire day, once a week, to it! I would like to share with you The National Archives Collection "A New Deal for the Arts" . This archive has a really interesting collection of art & poster art made during the Great Depression era.

Many of you reading this already know that I have a deep interest in the history of America during the 1930's/early 40's. It is a profound time for many reasons. Out of all the revolutionary change-deprivation-weather catastrophes- migration-& daily struggles- came amazing artwork. Some of it represents a working person's view of the country in a way never seen in the U.S. prior to this time. Other works of art were commissioned by the government and on one hand show the beginning stages of extensive welfare outreach & on the other hand use the art & posters to propagandize.


lauren said...

i love the first print--what an image! What's it from, Liz?

Kevin G. said...

My fiancee is a Disney fanatic, and she has a very interesting DVD set called, Walt Disney Treasures: On the Front Lines. It includes all of the propaganda films and animated shorts that Disney did for the military during WWII. They follow along the Disney trend of working in VERY broad stereotypes, and some of the shorts are really disturbing (but really interesting too) to a 21st century eye. I highly suggest you watch it if you haven't already.

I put my new artist's statement on my blog, thanks for the suggestion!