total eclipse of the heart...i mean moon

It is Wednesday...which is technically Vintage in Print day. But..in honor of our upcoming lunar eclipse (which will appear tonight) I am sharing a not so vintage picture made as the moon moved through the stages of the eclipse in 2007 by George Lovely. He took this series of images from which he created a montage. Go George. This is awesome!

This is making me think about art that was inspired by our moon. I cannot help but first mention one of my favorite artist's Sarah Moon...even though her work has nothing to do with the actual moon I have to mention her...

or Ansel Adam's famous piece called Moon Rise...

or Alphonse Mucha ....

that is all i can think of for right now....know any others?

gaze at the stars tonight and think about why the moon is so inspiring. i certainly will.

NASA created this graph to show the times of the eclipse. But if you want to learn more about Lunar Eclipses for Beginners is a good start.

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